EasyRTC is the fastest, most robust, easiest way to implement secure WebRTC video, audio, and data applications

EasyRTC is a full-stack open source WebRTC toolkit suitable for building highly secure, WebRTC applications. It is a bundle of web applications, code snippets, client libraries and server components meticulously written and documented to work right out of the box.

With EasyRTC, web developers can get up to speed and get real-world business applications that use WebRTC to market, fast.  With EasyRTC Open Source, developers can get real-world applications with WebRTC integrated into their work flows to market in weeks and not months.

The WebRTC APIs in modern web browsers like Chrome or Firefox are evolving at a rapid pace — and will continue to evolve rapidly as the emerging WebRTC standard gets hammered out by various standards bodies, and the browser companies add competitive but non-standard add-ons. The side effect of this rapid change is that code you write today may not work tomorrow.

Our business is to normalize and hide WebRTC API changes by providing an easy-to-use client side API that remains more constant, so your developers can get their applications built without having to be WebRTC gurus.

We give your developers a kickstart in the WebRTC world by providing not only our toolkits, but also complete working enterprise strong WebRTC apps that can be re-skinned and configured for your organization by making minor code and graphics changes.

Why work hard when you can follow our lead?

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