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EasyRTC v1.1.0 Released

Published on October 19, 2016

EasyRTC v1.1.0 has been released.

You can view the complete EasyRTC Changelog here.

A huge thanks to goes out to @hthetiot for his countless contributions to the project.


New Features:

  • JS Client - Added setPeerOpenListener and setSignalingStateChangeListener.
  • JS Client - Added options to set preferred video codec in peer connection.
  • JS Client - Added media stream recording feature and demo.
  • JS Client - Added support for selecting audio playback destination.
  • Documentation - Added info on git install steps.


  • JS Client - Use minFrameRate/MaxFrameRate for Firefox and Edge instead of frameRate.min and frameRate.max.
  • JS Client - Updated to use WebRTC ontrack api and newer media constraints api.
  • JS Client -Updated the ice filter demo and exposed it on the demo page.
  • Server - Updated default server options to use urls instead of url for ice se.
  • Server - Updated socket.io from 1.3.7 to 1.4.5.
  • Documentation - Updated client and server html documentation.
  • Documentation - Copyright date bump to 2016.
  • Documentation - Updated link to EasyRTC forum.
  • Documentation - Updated README to include bower install step.
  • Documentation - Updated docs to reflect the ../ reference in server.js and the need to run https servers.


  • JS Client - Fixed file sharing demo.
  • JS Client - Put a guard on onPeerClosed.
  • JS Client - Improvements in cancelling file transfer requests.
  • JS Client - Prevents possible undefined prop dataChannelReady if peer connection gets recycled early.
  • JS Client - Fixed easrytc_app UMD declaration.
  • JS Client - improved try catch block so that message processing errors didn't masquerade as json parse errors.
  • JS Client - Fix possible error due missing adapter.browserShim.attachMediaStream on some platform.
  • JS Client - In the multiparty demo, moved the socket.io reference above the easyrtc.js reference.
  • Documentation - Added fields to the inline documentation on client side to make it work better with jsdoc. We now get documentation for all the interesting files.
  • Documentation - Fixed error in easyrtc_client_tutorial.md
  • Packaging - Added index.js to bower ignored files since bower is for client only (not server).