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EasyRTC v1.0.17 Released

Published on July 4, 2016

EasyRTC v1.0.17 has been released.

You can view the complete EasyRTC Changelog here.



  • JS Client - Remove check to see if createRTCPeerConnection works.
  • JS Client - Got rid of setVideoSrc (use setVideoSource instead)
  • JS Client - Updated adapter.js.
  • Documentation - Removed comment about Firefox non-support for video source.
  • Documentation - Updated inline documentation for getAudioSourceList and getVideoSourceList.
  • Documentation - Added .jshintrc
  • Documentation - Added copyright notice to easy_app.js Fixes:
  • JS Client - Check if peer connection exists when responding to a webrtc negotiationneeded event, icecandidate event, addstream event.
  • JS Client - Check if peer connection exists before calling onPeerRecovered.
  • JS Client - Modified logic used to detect chrome browser.
  • JS Client - Updated references in device lists from id to deviceId.
  • JS Client - Improved setting of audio and video constraints.
  • JS Client - Prevent possible null on oniceconnectionstatechange event.currentTarget
  • JS Client - Fixes to easy_app error logging.
  • Documentation - Fixed documentation for setVideoDims.