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EasyRTC 1.0.15 Released

Published on October 30, 2015


Make sure to upgrade to this version to avoid issues with Chrome's deprecation of certain MediaStream properties and methods. See this forum announcement for details.

New Features

  • JS Client
    • Support for IE10 file sharing. Thanks to contribution by Harold Thétiot. (issue #155)
  • Server
    • Added new server option “logMessagesEnable” which enables the logging of incoming and outgoing messages. In order to make this work, wrappers were added around the various log statements.


  • JS Client
    • Allow longer p2p messages. Thanks to contribution by cphyc.
    • Cut easyApp out of the easyrtc_int.js file into it’s own easy_app.js file so it can be changed/replaced more easily. Some internal variables needed to be exposed to support this.
    • Various code quality fixes
    • Accommodate deprecated MediaStream.stop events
  • Server
    • Various code quality fixes
    • Added additional debug level logging of incoming and outgoing socket messages. Added wrapper for socketCallbacks to permit additional logging for returning socket messages.
  • Demos


  • JS Client
    • Updated the peer statistics code to work with current Chrome api
    • The onhangup method was being called with the wrong order of arguments when a roomOccupants message indicated that somebody had left.
    • Changed mediastream.hasOwnProperty(id) to mediastream.id. Thanks to contribution by Harold Thétiot. (iissue #163, issue #165)
  • Server
    • Fixed onCreateRoom events so they properly fire (issue #162)


You can update your existing installation by entering ‘npm update easyrtc’ from your application folder. New installations can download our sample server and follow the directions for their OS.

If you are interested in trying out this version, you may do so on https://demo.easyrtc.com/