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EasyRTC v1.0.14 is here

Published on August July 14, 2015

We have released EasyRTC v1.0.14. You can find it in our GitHub repository, NPM, and our demo server. This is mostly a bugfix release with the following changes:

  • JS Client - Fix a bug in ProcessOccupantList that caused all rooms to appear to have the same occupant.
  • JS Client - Removed the dataset attribute usage in easyapp. It was causing problems in the multiroom demo.
  • JS Client - Fixed a bug in processRoomData that was clobbering apifields when the presence changed.
  • JS Client - Various code quality fixes
  • Demos - Added muting to the multistream demos so they didn't squawk.
  • Demos - Fixed the disconnect button in the demo_audio_video.html demo.

You can update your existing installation by entering 'npm update easyrtc' from your application folder. New installations can download our sample server and follow the directions for their OS.