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EasyRTC Developer Interview with Videotion

Published on July 9, 2014

This month Priologic interviews Claudio Vacalebre and George Wittenbols of Seattle-based Videotion.com.

Videotion uses EasyRTC to provide a fully customizable virtual meeting space to facilitate "real conversation."

A compelling feature of Videotion is the combination of richness of expression of the audio/video call and simultaneous multimedia content sharing.

EasyRTC Developer Interview with Videotion

Tell us a little about Videotion

Videotion combines WebRTC with the strengths of existing popular social and media networks to offer a virtual room that resembles a real-life meeting space. We think that while there have been tremendous technical advances over the past decade or so, the art of conversation has been lost. Videotion is changing that.

Our WebRTC-based meeting room runs on Android, Linux, Windows and Mac and when used with YouTube content you enjoy Google ChromeCast integration as well.

In practical terms, the owner of the Videotion room can open or close the room, secure the door for privacy, customize the "interior" look and feel and offer a rich experience to all participants. The presenter has total control over the layout of the room, as well as branding elements such as logos and wallpapers.

And we built it all integrating our libraries with the EasyRTC SDK.

What makes Videotion unique?

Videotion integrates different social media channels such as YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud or any other content network. The purpose of this integration is to simply and almost instantly share multimedia content on-the-fly to collaborate with meeting participants and engage with your audience.

Videotion uses these social media feeds to automatically populate the meeting room with content. The room owner can of course populate these playlists ahead of time with content that is relevant for her/his audience.

Both owners and guests – depending on the owner’s preferences – can present, control and simultaneously, enjoy existing media from the internet.

Videotion is completely mobile-friendly, isn't it?

Yes! A courtesy SMS informs the owner when a guest has entered the meeting room.

A link to the meeting space is sent out by SMS and the owner can simply tap the link on her/his Android to enter the meeting or reply from an old cellphone with a custom-ready text message that all participants will see popping up in the room.

How private is Videotion?

Very private. Videotion is Secure by Design, yet still very flexible. Everything is encrypted and the owner can enforce participants' authentication using Google+, Windows Live ID, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo and SoundCloud. Security has never been so easy.

Why did you decide to use EasyRTC?

EasyRTC allows us to plan for shorter development cycles so we can quickly expand our reach into new markets.

What other features should be included with EasyRTC?

Cluster support and load balancing will be of great benefit allowing us to better scale up / out.

To learn more about Videotion, contact Claudio Vacalebre and George Wittenbols at info@videotion.com.