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Veeting Rooms: Using EasyRTC to Provide Privacy, Data Protection, and a Seamless User Experience

Published on June 10, 2014

Priologic interviews Fabian Bernhard, CEO of Veeting Rooms, a Swiss company that offers virtual, browser-based meeting rooms for business that offers "sixty second startup, zero software installation, and Swiss confidentiality."

Veeting Rooms makes extensive use of Priologics's EasyRTC open source toolkit for WebRTC.

Veeting Rooms using EasyRTC

Tell us a little about Veeting Rooms.

Veeting Rooms offers a virtual meeting environment with audio and video conferencing, business-class slideshow presentation, document sharing, text chat, and tools to take your meetings virtual.

For example, following a meeting, Veeting Room automatically emails all participants everything from the meeting, including a chat history, presentation slides, and meeting notes.

Aren't there already a lot of solutions like that out there for businesses?

Yes, it's a crowded market, but as more businesses get used to and start to even expect there will be web conference, it's also a rapidly growing market.

Vendors — the companies providing videoconferencing solutions — have reported web conferencing usage has grown by about 25 to 30 percent since 2012.

At the same time, the demand for privacy and data security is also growing.

How does Veeting Rooms provide more privacy?

We have a strong focus on privacy and data protection, as well as providing a seamless user experience.

We're "cloudlessly" hosted in Switzerland, so business data is always safeguarded by the strong Swiss data protection and privacy laws our country is famous for.

With Veeting Rooms, all data communication is encrypted from end-to-end and runs either securely peer-to-peer or through Swiss servers.

Why did you decide to use EasyRTC?

While we looked at different options to develop our WebRTC offering, above all we wanted an open source solution with interoperability between Chrome and Firefox. We were also looking for the ability to create chat rooms, and we wanted to use Node.js for our servers, and so on.

EasyRTC provided everything we needed.

Another important requirement was we also wanted to make sure the development platform would be supported for a very long time.

Since Priologic is very serious about continuously developing and releasing updates for EasyRTC, we knew it would be a safe, powerful option we could depend on.

And as everyone in the WebRTC community knows, the Priologic team is very responsive and helpful, and gives us a good feeling to work with them.

What other features should be included with EasyRTC?

While an open source Internet Explorer plugin would have been at the top of our list, we can see that Priologic has taken care of that!

However, at Veeting Rooms we would like to see more high-level API's that control media streams. As a developer, I want to be able to easily to turn off sound or video for a single "meeting room" participant. EasyRTC does allow that right now, but it doesn't work too well.

We would also like to see subgroups; often in business meetings you want to discuss something privately with your team.

Finally, there is a need to improve test coverage and create a testing framework for EasyRTC. There are no tests, which you expect from a mature framework.

Having the ability to provide telephony and 'dial in, dial out' would also be useful, and we understand that is on the way at some point.

Fabian Bernhard is CEO of Veeting Rooms, which is built using Priologic's EasyRTC SDK. Register a free Veeting Room account here to schedule a meeting.