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Prevent Socket.io v1.0 Update

Published on March 20, 2014

Socket.io, the WebSocket library used by EasyRTC, recently pushed the new v1.0 to NPM. Unfortunately the new version does include a number of breaking changes.

To prevent immediate upgrade problems, developers should update their 'package.json' file for their Node.js application. In the dependencies section, the socket.io version should be "0.9.x".

"dependencies" : {
    "easyrtc"   : "1.0.x",
    "express"   : "4.0.x",
    "socket.io" : "0.9.x"


To Downgrade Socket.io from v1.0 to v0.9

Run the following command from the Node.js application root folder:

npm install socket.io@0.9.x


EasyRTC Plans

For the time being, EasyRTC expects Socket.io v0.9. In the future we will look into adding Socket.io v1.0 support (see issue #64). We are hoping both versions can be supported.

Any Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about updating, let us know on our forum!