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EasyRTC 1.0 Released

Published on December 22, 2013

EasyRTC, a bundle of Open Source WebRTC, is now available with many sought after updates and improvements. Like our previous releases, EasyRTC remains an easy to install client and server kit for enabling WebRTC.

EasyRTC is now a proper Node.JS module; its demo's have been refreshed, reliability has been improved, API integration expanded, and WebRTC feature set updated.

Among the new features:

  • Now a Node.JS module instead of an application (our #1 requested feature)
  • Rooms — Clients can join one or more rooms. Can only see others in same room.
  • Applications — separate EasyRTC applications can have differing options etc.
  • API fields (Client based variables)
  • Application, room, and session fields (Server based variables)
  • Custom authentication
  • Server options handler
  • Server is now event driven (Easy to customize)
  • DataChannel support with automatic failover to websockets
  • File transfer API using data channels with drag'n'drop handlers
  • New guides and documentation including TURN, SSL, and authentication

For installation instructions:

For community support: