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EasyRTC 1.0 Beta Now Available

Published on December 10, 2013

We just pushed v1.0.5-beta up to our GitHub repositoryNPM, and our demo server.

If you are looking to start a new WebRTC project using EasyRTC, then this is the recommended branch.

New Features from v0.9 (the current master branch)

  • Now a Node.JS module instead of an application (our #1 requested feature)
  • Rooms - Clients can join one or more rooms. Can only see others in same room.
  • Applications - separate EasyRTC applications can have differing options etc.
  • API fields (Client based variables)
  • Application, room, and session fields (Server based variables)
  • Custom authentication
  • Server options handler
  • Server is now event driven
  • File transfer API using data channels

For install instructions:

Next Steps:

  • Bug testing and fixing. Please report any you find.
  • Documentation! We've added lots, but there is plenty more to do.
  • EasyRTC.com Website. We'll be updating the website to house easier to read documentation.
  • YouTube Videos. There are several new tutorial videos planned to work against this release.

We would like to send a special thanks to the alpha channel testers. I'll be closing down that branch.