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Priologic's EasyRTC won Best WebRTC Tool Award at WebRTC Conference & Expo

Published on November 26, 2012

EasyRTC won Best Web RTC Tool Award

Priologic's EasyRTC beta, a bundle of Open Source WebRTC joy, won the BestWebRTC Tool Award at the WebRTC Conference & Expo at the S. San Francisco Conference Center November 28.

EasyRTC beta will launch mid-December with EasyRTC Server Kit, EasyRTC API, and working, HTML5 and Javascript, application source code under a BSD 2 license.

"WebRTC from scratch is hard. It takes a lot of trial and error setting up a Linux server and writing gnarly client code to get traction," says Pelton. “EasyRTC is intended to give developers quick, easy access to WebRTC. Instead of spending Christmas to New Years setting up WebRTC, spend an hour setting up EasyRTC and then explore WebRTC by hacking our working application code," says Doug Pelton, founder and CEO of Priologic.

Priologic is based in Victoria, BC Canada and provides senior Dedicated Enterprise Software teams to Fortune 100 companies operating in the Pacific Time Zone.