EasyRTC removes the pain associated with getting started with WebRTC, and is the easiest way to implement WebRTC video, audio, and data sharing for your desktop browser.

EasyRTC normalizes and hides WebRTC API changes by providing an easy-to-use client-side API that remains more constant. This lets you build your applications without needing to be a WebRTC guru.

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EasyRTC gives you:

BSD2 Open Source LicenseBSD2 Open Source License = 100% FREE!
EasyRTC operates under the BSD2 Open Source License, which means it’s free!

EasyRTC Javascript Client SDKEasyRTC Javascript Client SDK
The EasyRTC JavaScript Client SDK lets you quickly build and deploy your WebRTC application.

EasyRTC ServerEasyRTC Server
Written in Node.js, the EasyRTC server lets you run your apps on your own machine or in the cloud.

Working sample codeWorking sample code
Working code examples helps ease the learning curve and get your WebRTC app out the door sooner.

Full documentationFull documentation
Referencing EasyRTC Documentation gives you the guidance you need to get your app’s features right.

Full access to source code in GitHub repositoryFull access to source code in GitHub repository
Access the source code behind EasyRTC on GitHub.

Community support forumCommunity support forum
Ask questions and get answers from the EasyRTC Team on our community support forum.

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