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EasyRTC v1.1.0 Documentation.

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EasyRTC Guides

Getting Started

A step by step set of instructions to installing an easyrtc server and writing a very simple conferencing.

EasyRTC Server: Installation

Installing on Windows, Mac or Linux.

EasyRTC Framework Tutorial

A guide to writing browser based client applications.


Partitioning users in groups.

EasyRTC Server: Configuration

How to set server options.

EasyRTC Server: Events

Customizing the server behavior of an application.

EasyRTC Server: ICE Configuration

Specifying STUN and TURN servers.

Using Alongside Other Servers

Using a different Web server with EasyRTC.

EasyRTC Server: Using SSL

Having your own HTTPS pages.

WebRTC Problems and Possible Fixes

Diagnose and resolve common webrtc problems.

Upcoming Features

Future plans.

Change Log

Changes from previous versions.


Frequently asked questions.

EasyRTC Client Classes

EasyRTC Server Modules

EasyRTC Server Classes